January 18, 2017

hardieplank siding vs vinyl siding cost, colors, installation

Discover the many benefits of having hardiplank fiber cement siding installed onto your home.

When looking around for siding solutions there are the traditional sidings such as aluminum wood and vinyl. However, technological advances has brought about the cement fiber form of plank siding that the James Hardie brand of plank siding stands head and shoulders above the rest. This then affords the queries into whether one should go for the cheap vinyl siding or the more expensive cement fiber composite. One simple look at the comparisons of HardiePlank siding vs vinyl siding and anyone with good sense will see why the HardiePlank is the best choice.

First of all, cement fiber siding is like armor for our home. You’ve worked hard to purchase your home or business property and you want that investment to pay off. That calls for not only a property that looks good but can stand up to the rigors of time and weather and other processes that damage the property. Vinyl siding became all the rage back in the day because it was lightweight, easy to install and had a basic aesthetic value. It also provided a modicum of protection and longevity as it didn’t rust nor become prey to fungi and mold. It looked like an inexpensive resolution to the outward appearance of a home or building and it was. However, as time, weather damage and other problems the vinyl siding solution didn’t hold up in comparison to even good old fashioned wood siding. Then smarter head prevailed and the discovery of the cement fiber composite came along answering many of the problems that siding can call for. This new composite is extremely durable, flame resistant, weather resistant, and impact resistant to a reasonable degree. Not only that but like vinyl it doesn’t rot nor give way to pests like termites and others.

Vinyl has other imperfections. It’s not very sturdy. Like aluminum siding, it can suffer from impact, weather, and the elements but in its own unique way. The vinyl problems are mostly in its need to be replaced after a few years, a decade on the outside and should flames or heatwaves, extreme cold, assault it, the vinyl can lose it’s structural integrity resulting in warping and other anomalies. This not only compromises the building’s protective integrity but also can become unsightly thus lowering the value and equity in the property considerably.

That’s where the advances of HardiePlank Siding comes in. It uses the best of the cement fiber siding composites and does so with style. It is hard to comprehend that such advances in exterior siding like this is available as it sounds like something from the future. Siding that has been developed for years in a specialized research and development lab and tested continuously to ensure durability and quality. The siding is flame, water, heat, weather resistant and comes with levels of warranties that extend longer than most people live so when they say lifetime warranty for their products they really mean it! That should be an indicator of the amount of integrity the company has in its products and services and they give you just about every avenue of testing to make sure you get the best they have to offer.

Now, considering the above you can see why getting HardiePlank Siding is the smart choice. Your home and business properties have to look good. They have to stand up to the rigors of the environment and grow in value. Having HardiePlank Siding leaves vinyl siding in the dust. Vinyl can’t compare to the protection of HardiePlank because of the reasons listed above. However there are even more advantages as years of observation can attest to. Sure cement fiber costs more but the dividends are the kinds of protections that only tank armor plating could beat out but HardiePlank won’t rust!

HardiePlank Siding can be installed by yourself or you can have it installed. There is the ColorPlus option that has that excellent extra protection and a great looking color choice using the company’s own computers to not only design your siding but choose the color patterns as well. Vinyl can’t hold up to HardiePlank in design either. HardiePlank just looks great and there’s no doubt about that as millions and millions of homeowners can attest to. You can tell a HardiePlank home because you can see how good they look from a mile away. The same can’t be said about vinyl in comparison, there’s no need to even try.

So with HardiePlank Siding you get the value, support, ease of mind and more.

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  1. My husband and I are contemplating choosing either hardiplank siding, or vinyl siding. The problem is siding prices for either option. We understand the vinyl siding prices are cheaper, but are willing to pay more for a better product in which we both agree hardiplank is. How much more money would you say hardiplank costs?


  2. Pat Wenger says:

    I want to see a picture or description of where to put the nails in lap-siding, and I need to know whether or not I can use a nail gun.

    • Basically you blind nail it along the top 1 1/4 ” , that is nail it in the middle along the top 1 1’4 ” of the board, then overlap this with the next board on top.

      A pdf document that shows this is at http://www.jameshardie.com installation.

  3. Diedre Kazmer says:

    Is this made from the same material that the fake stucco from a few years ago was made of? I remember a foam like material on the market that was to replace the standard stucco material, looked great, easy to use, but trapped all water vapor & humidity & caused widespread wall rot. Is this a variation of that material? How long has this particular material been on the market? Is it suitable for high humidity & rainfall climates?

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