January 18, 2017

hardie types, products and cost

hardiboard siding is a wonderful choice if you're updated the exterior siding of your home. If you're looking for a low maintenance type of siding, hardiboard is the siding for you. Not only for those reasons, but the cost, color choices and prices, make this a great choice in home improvement. Learn why...

“People who enjoy adding value to their homes and properties know of the benefits of great siding and those who are really in the know choose the best looking and protective cement fiber siding on the market, Hardie Plank Siding.”

Hardie Plank Siding so outpaces the other companies in the race to provide you with attractive, durable, and equitable siding that it’s hard to picture anyone choosing any company other than Hardie. The cement fiber siding has been a revolution in the industry of external building siding. Traditional sources such as vinyl, aluminum, wood, and other composites. The reason is because Hardie Plank Siding takes cement fiber siding one step or two steps further. First of all in regard to effectiveness and second of all in regard to aesthetics or looking good. The siding is relatively easy to install and you have a choice of whether to have the good folks at Hardie color the siding for you or you can do it yourself. That combination of a good paint job and Hardie Plank Siding’s incredible resilience is enough for a protective coat to your property that will last for decades and is backed by a warranty to prove it.

Let’s take a look at the variety of products Hardie produces regarding it’s Plank Siding. You’ll sure to be astounded at the choices at hand.

First of all there’s their HardiePlank Lap siding which is hands down the most sought after siding product in the U.S.. Millions and millions of homes showcase the siding and the fact those homes have withstood the test of time and weather and won awards is testament to the quality of HardiePlank Siding and especially this option of HardiePlank Lap siding. Then there is HardieShingle Siding, it captures that classic look of yesteryear when homes had that shingle siding that kept early America warm and cozy as well as those established homes throughout Europe. Nothing hits that homey feeling like this option for siding. How about the HardiePanel Vertical Siding? Should your home need this type of siding as it has also proven itself for durability and popularity. For that board-and-batten look, HardiePanel Vertical Siding can be combined with their HardieTrim. This shows why people choose Hardie, they have an option for just about everything and get results that you cannot deny. Speaking of HardieTrim Boards, this option comes in board and fascia. Homeowners who go for that classic look will find this option just what the doctor ordered. It really gives the house that special look that has people turning heads all the time. This is the choice for windows, doors, friezes, and any of the decorative trim.

When it comes to James Hardie Soffit panels you’re really in for a treat. They come in a range of pre-cut sizes and vented and non-vented. Add to all that they are engineered for the most demanding of climates and are noncombustible. Fireproof and weatherproof are good things aren’t they? There is also James Hardie Artisan Exterior Design. This option is a new one of architectural grade and took over a decade of research, development, and application to get it to this level of superior quality. It’s the top of the line in their state of the art siding technology. It’s available in a specific number of states so you’ll need to check with your James Hardie dealership to find if your state is one of the fortunate listed ones that can receive this product. It’s really something to look at and is a marvel of siding development and aesthetics. It is a breathtaking option that James Hardie is proud to have developed and presented. It’s sort of that type of construction remodeling innovation that the manufacturer, installers, and homeowners love to boast about and take pics to show off. James Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology is world renowned. It’s part of the HardieZone products line and includes their special and proprietary process of applying fine tuned multiple coats of the paint chosen that adds to the high end composite of the cement fiber HardiePlanks. You won’t believe the strength, durability and overall beauty of this product. It just doesn’t end with how cool your home or business will look with James Hardie’s ColorPlus.
Add to that their James Hardie Weather Barrier and you’ve got the full spectrum of the latest and best plank siding available. Now how’s that for style, sturdiness, and exemplary products that bring you the kind of security and equity your hard earned dollar and hard work deserve!

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  1. Patricia Sharpe says:

    I put a new roof on my house in 2011, it’s Timberline and the color is Shakewood. I am having a hard time choosing a color that would go with the roof. Also, the front of my house is brick, the trim is white. I’m stuck with the white trim, I recently installed new garage doors, so I’m apprehensive about doing a different color for the trim other than white. Do you have any suggestions?

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