January 18, 2017

Estimating Hardieplank Cost

hardie board siding looks beautiful on any type of home. Learn all about the many benefits and features that come along with having james hardie board siding installed on your home. Not only will you learn about hardiboard siding, you'll learn about cost, colors, prices for installation and more.

“If you’re thinking about adding new siding to your home or business, you’ve come to the right place!  Hardie Plank Siding, (A.K.A) Fiber Cement Siding has proven itself time and again as the durable, attractive, and affordable solution both short and long term for home and property owners. So if you’re buying hardiplank siding you’ll want to know how to calculate the amount of the siding you’ll need for your home and how to install it.”


Hardie Plank cement fiber siding is a remarkable product that is designed to provide the best protection for your home as well as be attractive and relatively easy to install. If you have a basic knowledge of home improvement procedures such as knowing how to hammer, screw, saw, cut, measure, then you shouldn’t have a problem with installing the siding. Since hardiplank siding is resistant to impacts, weather, and more, it’s a bit tougher to handle than aluminum, vinyl, and wood siding. However, once you get going you’re in good hands and the final result is something both durable and attractive that will last so long that you’re even issued a lifetime warranty.

So how much do you need regarding the size of your home? Well there are two things to take into account, your home’s size and any excess siding you’ll need for those tricky parts of the house if any. The general tools of this procedure are the old measuring tools but you can also add to that some new technological tools not available before. The Hardie Plank Siding folks actually have computer software that allows you to help design your siding and measure it. You’ll still need to get up there and measure yourself but the bottom line is that you can not only get a good estimate of how much siding you’ll need to order, but you’ll have that extra breathing room for the specifics of your property.

Let’s say you’ve got those challenging windows or design in your home. You should calculate for those gaps here and there, the nuances that may be only for your home, plus a wee bit extra just in case you need that rare, if any repair.

You’ll need to do some math here and that starts with measuring the square feet and the dimensions of the siding itself. The basic shapes of the facing of your home such as the rectangles, squares, triangles for roofs and for the creative shapes such as circular or even trapezoid. You’ll need to sketch out or use your computer’s ability to make shapes, and then look at the shapes your home consists of. Make it sort of a game of fun and even ask the kids to look as they’re good at it. Now that you’ve got the general combination of shapes you’ll have a plan to work from. Go and measure each area of the outside of the house taking into account where the siding will go flush against a surface of fit under something like a decorative raised lip or window frame. Since each home is different it’s up to you to make your best assessment. Now take those measurements using basic math. Area equals height and width or A=HW for square and rectangle. Triangles are height and base. When all are added up look at the cost estimate for square foot of siding and you’ll be somewhere in the right ballpark. Again, leave some breathing room in for mistakes or nuances if you have to cut around some aperture or object attached to the home. As technologies increase like satellite feeds, internet access, maybe even new power supplies or things attached to the home, you may have to at some later date need to cut away some siding. So having a wee bit more siding around is wise.

With all that in consideration your ability to get the right calculation and price is more efficient. Then the follow through will be installation. Your hammers, saws, screwdrivers, caulking, all need to be in top shape. It can be a chore to cut through the siding as it’s not wood nor plastic. Cement fiber siding is strong and durable. Cutting it right after measuring it right will lead to a fine fit and then if you’ve not chosen the Hardie pre-painted option you can then paint the siding yourself for extra good looks and protection.

So in summary, calculating the amount of Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Siding you’ll need calls for some good observation and basic math skills. Then the simple application of installation and you should be good to go.

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  1. Dustin Haley says:

    I am getting ready to side my house and I am justt curious of material cost only for horizontal hardi siding 2560sq ft and 300 sq ft of hardi shake look siding all in green.

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